Soundtrack of Pumo Mines
The Original Soundtrack of Pumo Mines levels and episodes has been released. It features all-original music composed by R.a.M. Land.

The Original Soundtrack to Pumo Mines has been released, and it features all the original music that will be featured on each of the levels and episodes of the Pumo Mines campaign/mod.
It’s completely produced and composed by by R.a.M. Land (the artistic name of Pumo as a composer) and can be downloaded in both lossy (MP3, OGG) and lossless (FLAC) formats through the offical R.a.M. Land Bandcamp website.

You can find the links to each soundtrack album (corresponding to each episode) below, as well some featured tracks available for instant play.

Listen and download the original soundtrack of Pumo Mines

Pumo Mines – Episode 1: Mineral Valley OST

Soundtrack of Pumo Mines

Pumo Mines – Episode 2: Kartsal Motivation OST

Soundtrack of Pumo Mines

Pumo Mines – Episode 3: Muchikuche OST

Soundtrack of Pumo Mines

For more info about the Pumo Mines project check the dedicated category on this Blog or the Pumo Software website.

Remember that Pumo Mines is still a work in progress. However you can find any official releases of it in the Official Releases section.

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